Shesh Rao Paplikar

Shesh, BE in Computer Engineering from NITK, Surathkal. Worked in the technology world for 11 years before starting BHIVE in 2014. Started first company while still a student at NITK. Bring varied experience from starting a company, to sinking in the Himalayas for weeks, to working on Wall Street, startup experience at Bangalore, startups in New York City and has worked in companies of varied sizes and of various cultures in the 11 years before starting BHIVE. Started BHIVE with personal investment and then raised friends and family. Have taken it through a professional funding round. Have been through from 0 to 10+ centers.

The world of Fractional Real Estate

People have for long been trying to make their money work for them with the aim to eventually stop working for money. This goal combined with inflation is the reason individuals are constantly on the hunt for investment opportunities and fractional real estate happens to be the next hot thing in the market.